Overnight care

Overnight Care

We understand that Overnight Care is essential for some clients to ensure they can remain living at home and we will consider any overnight requirement to meet individual needs.

Our qualified nurses and experienced carers are available to offer our clients’ and their families, peace of mind of knowing that should they need support during the night there is a member of our care team close by to offer assistance.

Overnight care can either be a waking or sleeping service depending on the individuals’ needs and wishes.

Waking overnight care is when the nurse or carer stays awake and on call all night. This service is best suited to clients who wake several times during the night needing support whether that be reassurance, toileting, positional change or administration of medication.

Sleeping overnight care is when the nurse or carer will sleep in the spare room or sofa bed but can be woken at any time to assist the client. This service is best suited to clients who don’t require regular support but feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night.

These are examples of the overnight services on offer. All care packages are tailored to your specific requirements and can include a combination of nursing and homecare services.

Our Hamill Homecare team is on hand 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your individual needs or to arrange an obligation free assessment in the home.

For more information, please email - contactus@hamillhomecare.co.uk, telephone us on 0141 221 2826 or 07713 071 085 fill in the contact us form below and one of our team shall call you back.

Nursing Care

Hamill Homecare offers a variety of nursing care to clients in their home. All Hamill Homecare nurses are fully qualified, NMC registered and have a wealth of knowledge, professional expertise and experience across a wide range of health issues.

Personal care at home

If daily routines at home have become more difficult or impossible to do alone then our carers can help and assist you with a range of support.

Practical care at home

Our carers can provide assistance with a range of household tasks in combination with care services including: light housework, laundry and ironing, meal preparation/cooking and shopping.

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